Tips for Playing Online Pokies

One question that we hear time and time again relating to online pokie games, is whether there are any special ways to play them to increase your winning chances. Anyone with an understanding of games of chance, which are what pokies are, will probably immediately think there are no ways to play the machine to improve your winning odds.

However there are in fact a few different things to look out for when playing pokie games online and below we will pass on a few hints and tips, whether you put these into action when you are next playing pokies online is of course up to you and you alone!

Progressive Jackpot Pokie Playing Tips

One thing you will soon discover when you opt to play progressive jackpot pokie games is that the top prize jackpot is not won very often! In fact if you do some research in regards to when the progressive jackpot pokies found online do payout their jackpots you will soon discover that they all have an average hit value.

This hit value is when, on average the jackpot is won, and as such it can often pay for progressive pokie players to wait until the current value on any progressive game has surpassed its usual hit value, as by doing this you will be increasing your winning chances by virtue of the jackpot being overdue!

So our first tip is for all your progressive jackpot players out there, find out what the average hit rate is on your chosen progressive pokie game, and then only jump on and play it when the jackpot has exceeded that value!

Free Spin Pokie Game Playing Tips

Should you decide to play pokie games which award you with sets of free spins whenever you spin in a set of scatter type symbols in view on the screen, then there are a few hints and playing tips we can pass on to you regarding these types of pokie machines.

Due to the random nature of these types of pokie games and due to each one of them having a fixed number of scatter symbols in play on each reel, it is possible for you to work out how many times, on average that you are going to be awarded the free spins bonus game during any one session.

You will need to know just how many scatter symbols are on each reel and how many other symbols are on that reel then some simple mathematics will allow you to work out when the free spins bonus game will trigger.

Whilst it will not be as easy as you think to find out how many symbols are on each reel are, we have done the hard work for you and below you will discover how often the free spins should trigger on a couple of popular pokie games, and once you know this information you can play the pokie game in such a way that if all goes to plan then when the free spins hit you are going to get the best chances of a large winning payout.

Ladies Nite Pokie Game – Due to the reel layout on the Ladies Nite pokie game, you will get three scatter symbols dropping into view and therefore triggering the bonus game on average once every one hundred and forty three spins. So if you have been playing the pokie game and counting your spins then the nearer you get to this number you should increase the stakes you are playing for.

There is of course no guarantee that the free spins will be awarded on the 143rd spin, however they will be due to trigger and by increasing your stake slowly when they do finally trigger you have a good chance of getting an increased payout by virtue of your increased stake levels!

CashaPillar Pokie Game – The CashaPillar online pokie is a 100 payline, 5 reel bonus video slot, and it can award a set of free spins when you spin in at least three scatter symbols anywhere in view on the screen.

Due to the number of reel symbols on each reel strip and also the number of scatter symbols, then to get three of them spinning in it will, on average take 169 spins. This therefore means that you should adjust your stake level when playing it accordingly.

As you get closer too or exceed 169 spins since the last free spins round was triggered then once again increase your stake levels in the hope that if the laws of averages does kick in then when the free spins are triggered a hopefully sizeable payout will be awarded.

If the free spins do trigger then once they have all played out reduce your stake level down to minimal amounts and then increase them gradually once again when you are getting closer to the next set of 169 spins!