How to Play Online Pokies

We have compiled this very easy to follow guide on how to play online pokie games to enable everyone wishing to play pokies online to quickly and easily get an understanding on how to do just that. So if you have never played online pokies before then spend some time going through this guide and in no time at all you will have found a site to play at and a pokie machine which will appeal to you!

Choosing an Online Casino

Your first task when you want to play online pokie games is to decide exactly how you wish to play them, by this we mean do you want to download a gaming platform directly onto your computer, or would you prefer an instant play casino site that loads instantly on your computer without you having to wait for the software to download and install on your computer.

The main advantage of choosing to play online pokies for money at a fully downloadable casino site is that you are going to find these pokies offer enhanced graphics and player adjustable options whilst also giving you access to the biggest range of pokie games.

A no download casino site will offer only a small yet diverse range of online pokies and whilst the graphics may be good there are not that many player adjustable option settings offered so you will not totally be able to tailor all of your gaming sessions to the way you like to play them!

Taking a Bonus

As many online casinos and online pokie sites will let you claim a bonus if you are a new player, and whilst many casinos offer ongoing bonus type offers and promotions to their regular customer, you will need to claim any such bonus before you start to play the pokie games.

So if there is a bonus on offer that interests you, then make sure you claim it and make any qualifying deposit before you start to play the pokie games as often you cannot claim a bonus once you have started to play, more so if you have made a deposit and are awaiting the bonus to be credited to you account.

Launching the Pokie Game

Once you have chosen a casino to play pokies at, made a deposit and have claimed any bonus, then all you need to do is to choose a pokie game to play.

By having a look around our website you will see there are thousands of different types of pokies, however once you have found one that interests you then simply click on that game and the screen will launch and load.

Payline and Stake Levels

Each game is going to enable you to put into play and activate a certain number of paylines which are spread over the games screen. Your first need to choose just hope many of these paylines you put into play and this is done by clicking on the Paylines button.

Next you will need to pick a coin value at which you stake settings will be set at, the majority of online pokies will give you a choice in regards to the available coin settings at which any pokie game can be played at, however a small number of online pokies, mainly progressive jackpot pokies have a fixed coin setting that cannot be adjusted.

Once you have chosen the number of paylines you wish to play and chosen a coin value setting then you are nearly ready to play, however some pokies give you the added option of choosing just how many coins per payline you wish to set in motion and wager on each spin of the pokie games reels you make.

So keep in mind that you can adjust all of these coin values and coin settings. Once you have chosen all of them then simply click the Spin or Start button to set the pokies reels in motion.

Look out for the Max Bet button available on most online pokie machines, when you press this the game will start to play on the absolute maximum number of paylines and coins per line available, so do not press this button unless you want to play maximum bet spins!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Many pokies are going to award you wish many different bonus games and bonus features when you are playing them. It is of course important for you to understand how these work and operate.

All pokies will have a pay table which can be accessed and viewed by simply clicking on the Pay Table button, make sure you have a good read through these pay tables which will always list not only the available payouts but will also explain how the bonus games work and operate.

You can often consult help files when playing online pokies and this is what you should do if you are uncertain about any part of the game.