Online Pokies Gamble Games

double-or-nothingAs you will know when you are playing any pokie game you are taking gamble on whether you are going to win or lose. However there is an additional type of bonus game which many pokie games offer you whenever you have spun in a winning combination on the reels.

This is known as the Gamble game option, and this is a completely optional type of bonus game that you are never under any obligation to play or take, however if you do opt to take it then you have a chance of increasing the base game win or losing it all!

At online casinos powered by gaming software companies such as Microgaming you are going to come across lots of different and unique types of gamble games, and below we have highlighted a few of the currently available gamble game options including a brand new one!

Gamble Game Options

There are plenty of different variations of the gamble games and the setup depends completely on the type of pokie machine you are playing. Below we are listing some of the most common double or nothing features available when playing pokies online.

Double or Nothing Gamble Game

There is nothing too complicated about the way the double or nothing bonus games works on many Microgaming pokie games, in fact it is probably best described as boring!

You are simply tasked with having to predict whenever a card that is due to be dealt out in front of you on the bonus gamble screen is going to be a red one or a black one, if you make the correct prediction then your original win is doubled in value, guess the colour incorrectly and you lose!

If you have make a correct prediction then you are permitted to try and double the value of your winnings once again by guessing whether the next card dealt out is a red or black card. You can gamble up to five times consecutively or until you have reached the gamble limit imposed on you via the pokie games rules.

Quadruple or Nothing Gamble Game

You will also find a similar type of gamble game offered on Microgaming pokie machines, and this one will give you the chance of quadrupling the value of a winning payout.

Much like the gamble game described above this particular optional gamble game will see you instead of having to guess the colour of the next card dealt out you need to guess the suit of the next card correctly, and if you do then your current gambled amount is instantly quadrupled in value, however if you guess incorrectly everything you gambled will be lost and the game will end there and then!

Your Gamble Game

There is a brand new and certainly more exciting type of gamble option now being added to a lot of the newest pokie games to be released by Microgaming, and this much more interesting and potentially very rewarding bonus gamble game is known as Your Gamble.

The reason is it called the Your Gamble feature is that you are in full control of every aspect of the gamble game option and can choose the actual payout odds of the gamble game yourself.

This Your Gamble game is built and based around a disc in the middle of this disc in an arrow which spins round when you have set the gamble game into motion.

The disc itself is split up into segments, winning ones and losing ones, you can increase or decrease the number of winning and losing segments and the more winning segments you put into play the lower your payout odds will be.

Conversely if you make more of the segments losing ones than winning ones your payouts odds increase. The aim of the game is that once you have chosen how many winning and losing segments are in the disc you then set the arrow spinning in the middle of that disc.

Whichever segment the arrow is pointing at when it stops spinning is going to determine whether your gamble has been successful or a losing one! Give this Your Gamble game a try now on pokie games such as the Untamed Giant Panda, you will soon get the hang of how it works and pays!

When you are playing pokie games never get too dependent on any of the gamble options as they can and will reduce your available bankroll if you make a series of incorrect guesses when you have opted to take the gamble game options.

If you do like taking the gamble game options then do it infrequently so as to limit your potential losses should all not go too well when you have taken the gamble game option!

It is also worth pointing out that on a lot of the older pokie games the outcome of the gamble games have already been decided before you make your decision on the colour or suit of the next card shown, and the actual gamble game is merely eye candy!