Online Pokies Bonus Games

mega-moolah-jackpot-wheelApart from the theme and the number of different paylines and the jackpot on offer, there is of course one other aspect of any online pokies that is going to appeal to players, and that is of course the number and type of additional bonus games that can be triggered and awarded on any such game.

In this section of the website we would like to present to you some of the many different types of bonus games that can be awarded to you when you are playing pokie online, and this will give you an idea of which games you may be interested in playing when you get the urge to play pokie machines online!

Unique Online Pokies Bonus Games

Depending on the software provider of the online casino where you are playing online pokies for real money the bonus games will differ greatly. Below is a list of the most entertaining bonus rounds that can be won in our opinion.

Bowling Bonus Games

It is probably the more unique type of bonus game rounds that are going to keep pokie players returning to any such game that offers them, and one bonus game we have found which is certainly unique is the Bowling Bonus game found on Microgaming’s Alley Cats pokie machine.

The Alley Cats pokie is a 9 payline video pokie game and when you trigger its main bonus round feature you are simply tasked with playing out a bowling type game based in a back alley!

You simply choose one of the items off the screen and a cat will then launch the bowling ball, and if he manages to known over your chosen item (which incidentally he always will!) then you will win the corresponding number of coins hiding underneath that item.

Pick n Match Bonus Games

Some pokie games will award you with a simple pick to win type of bonus game, these types of bonus rounds usually will see you picking items off a bonus screen and as you pick each one a cash award will be shown on the screen attached to each symbol you have chosen to click on.

However some online pokie games offer a much more exciting Pick n Match type of bonus game, and these types of bonus rounds see you having to pick off location on a bonus game screen and as you do so you will reveal a symbol, then once you get a matching set of two or sometimes three of these symbols you will win the corresponding amount on the bonus games pay table.

One such bonus game can be found on Microgaming’s Sneaky Peek range of pokie machines, in fact the bonus game on this series of games is rather raunchy for when it triggers you are picking off items of clothing that are removed from the on screen character symbols body!

Free Spins Bonus Games

You will probably have already come across a lot of video pokie games that award you with free spins, as a high proportion of these types of pokie machines have the free spins bonus games attached to them.

However when you are looking for a pokie game to play but you are looking for one that can and will award you with a huge number of free spins whenever you trigger the bonus game then consider giving Microgaming’s Gladiator pokie a try. This is a 50 payline game, and when you spin in three scatter symbols then a huge 100 free spins are awarded to you instantly.

These free spins cannot re-trigger and they play out with no multipliers in play, however with 100 of them being played out before your eyes then you could win some fairly sizeable payouts when they are triggered and awarded to you!

Wheel Spin Bonus Games

Pokie games which can award a wheel spinning type of bonus game are quite popular with online pokie players, and you are going to find no shortages of these types of pokie machines available more so if you opt to play at a Microgaming powered online casino site, one which we highly recommend is the top rated Spin Palace casino site.

When the bonus wheel spinning round is triggered then you get to spin the bonus wheel, and this will be divided up into different segments, the idea being is that you simply spin the wheel in the hope that one of the different multipliers found in each segment will stop opposite the pointer device attached to the wheel.

You will of course be hoping to spin in one of the larger multiplier symbols and therefore win a huge amount of cash, as the bonus wheel will either award a set of coins or a base game staked amount multiplier.

Microgaming have lots of these types of wheel spinning bonus game awarding pokies on offer and they include three reel pokie games and video pokie games and as such you will easily find one of them which appeals to you!